DEC 07, 2021

Every business wants to fill its staff with the best talent possible. While that’s a clear indicator of success, it is not the full picture. No matter how well your business recruits new employees, it is still crucial to prepare them well and set them up for success. That’s where your new-hire onboarding process becomes essential.


Here are some of the biggest reasons to emphasize an improvement in your onboarding process and tips to get you started.



If managed right, new employees needn’t spend their first day on the job filling out paperwork and meeting with different departments to get acquainted. Once an agreement has been made, new-hire onboarding can be a simple process. Before new employees’ first day, digital communications can take care of a lot of the legwork. Among the things to transmit and secure before start day include:


  • W4
  • Form I-9
  • Employee handbook
  • Direct deposit information
  • Background check release
  • Benefits enrollment forms

HR outsourcing solutions with Payroll Vault ensure seamless new-hire onboarding by allowing team members to streamline the process on their own terms before their first day in the office and providing a list of information employees need on their first day to get started on the right foot.


You’ll also want to let them know any other important information they’ll need before arriving, such as directions, parking instructions, building access codes, the time the day starts, and management contacts. Taking steps like this before day one will help alleviate stress for both you and your employees. 


To acquaint new hires with company culture, it’s a good rule of thumb to make them feel welcomed and valued by setting aside time to introduce them to their colleagues, management team, and overall brand culture from day one. Creating a warm and friendly environment goes miles to foster a symbiotic workplace. 

A meet-and-greet for everyone to introduce themselves is a fun and interactive way to get to know your colleagues. You could also plan a welcome party, with some refreshments and snacks. For remote workers, a well-timed welcome letter and t-shirt, ball cap, or other branded item can go miles can help a new hire feel a part of the fray.

Urge current team members to reach out to newcomers on social media, in person, and other networking avenues. Particularly within small businesses, a sense of teamwork permeates the entire endeavor. When departments are cross-functional, collaborative, and communicative, everyone wins.

When you use your current employees to help with the training process, not only do you expedite the learning curve your new hire is experiencing, but you also help them get to know their coworkers on a personal level. Cross-training helps employees get insight on the company from their new coworkers’ perspective, which can be very beneficial, overall.



Even if a new hire understands her role on paper, it may be different in action. During new-hire onboarding, minimize misunderstandings by welcoming questions and an open dialogue. Spend time going over job titles, requirements, and more. With the help of an HR outsourcing solutions program through Payroll Vault, questions and concerns can be addressed quickly and effectively. 

Familiarize new hires with company policies and procedures to ensure efficiency and success. Try integrating this step into their first day to help ease them into the role they’ll play in your business. Going over procedures also helps reinforce your value as an employer because you can add information like benefits, paid time off, and other perks your company provides.


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