Background Checks

Pre-employment screenings are becoming more common for the purpose of helping employers protect from theft, on-the-job injuries and compliance oversight. Effectively manage your organization’s risks while protecting its good standing reputation.

Our comprehensive line of professional background checks and drug testing & screening services offer and seamless, streamlined process by supporting a sound hiring process. 

  • National criminal search
  • Multi-state sex and violent offenders search
  • County criminal history
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Employment credit records
  • Social Security verification and address tracker
  • Healthcare industry search
  • Tenant screening
  • Volunteer screening

The Payroll Vault Value

Having all the information on prospective employees before you hire will allow for better and more informed recruiting decisions. With a speedy turnaround time on results, you won’t lose applicants due to a lengthy hiring process.   

  • Reduce
    • Turnover
    • Risk of fraud
    • Criminal activity
    • Poor work ethic
  • Increase
    • Workplace safety
    • Job competence
    • Honesty and integrity

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